European Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Contents of issue Winter 2002

Original Contributions

195 Determination Expérimentale de la Loi de Combustion dans un Moteur de Cogénération Alimenté au Gaz Naturel en Mélange Pauvre by O. Le Corre, S. Rous

203 A Novel Virtual Environment Construction Approach for Manufacturing Simulations by Zhijie Xu and Dav

209 Measurement of Cylindrical Objects by Laser Telemetry in a Robotic Environment by Michaël Demeyere and Christian Eugène

215 CAD/CAM Based Generation of Collision Free Robot Programs through the Integration of a Virtual Machining Environment by B. Lauwers, E. Van der Poorten and H. De Baerdemaeke

223 Non-Zoomorphic Versus Zoomorphic-Walking Machines and Robots : a Discussion by G. Genta and N. Amati

BEST Contributions

241 Standardization in Combined Environmental Testing Systems by B. Haest


248 Books

249 Novelties and Technical Information

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